Vladimir Briman (MSc)


Civil, Coastal & Offshore Engineer (Chief Engineer)


Education:  Technical Institute in Sevastopol Ukraine
1955-58 B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering
1962-67 M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering
Professional Experience:
1958-62 Building Site Foreman – Industrial structures and apartments in Belarus
1967-71 Planning Engineer – Ministry of Defense / USSR navy, Sevastopol
responsible for 800 engineers
1971-91 Chief Engineer – Russian Navy, Sevastopol / Ministry of Defense, former USSR
Head of the design department, responsible for 800 engineers.
Manager of special department for statistics & dynamic calculations of projects in seismic regions (Richter 6-8).
Types of structures designed include: apartment buildings, multi-level industrial structures above & below ground,
military structures such as above & underground bunkers & hangers for airplanes, tanks, cannons & submarines;
structures that can withstand nuclear weapons;
concrete airport runways for heavy transport planes of the Russian Air force in the black sea region;
sea structures for Russian navy such as quay walls, jetties, breakwaters & bridges.
Head of the computers division.
1992-present Chief Engineer – R. Raviv Consulting Engineers Ltd. (see details in Project List)